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Welcome to INFO Cosmetics!

Our brand takes its name from the word ‘information’.

We believe information empowers individuals to help aspire them to carry out inspirational and positive actions.

INFO Cosmetics is an inspirational beauty brand offering amazing quality products...

to empower and inspire those that use them whilst also offering exciting opportunities and outstanding earning potential for those with the ambition to succeed.


The brand has been specially formulated for both female and male customers, creating no separation attached to gender.


With INFO, women and men can both purchase quality cosmetics and skincare products from a single unified brand.


Our high quality products are precisely formulated to produce optimum results and comply to strict European directives.

Cosmetic colours are seasonally influenced by the fashion industry but also by the wonderful array of shades and hues of the natural world surrounding us.


Immense attention to detail has been given to all our products.

All products are 100% cruelty free, and most are perfect for those following a Gluton free lifestyle as most of our products are also Gluten free.

Cosmetics to Inspire

Even our powders have been especially triple milled so they can be mixed together, just like an artist palette, to create a spectacular spectrum of tones and colours.

EyeSilk becomes instant eyeliner with a drop of Dry2Wet.

3in1 Compact one product with 3 uses....!

Skin Care with an Added Twist

We use natural ingredients to produce all our skin care range.

Carefully formulated products to create optimum results.

Exciting, sensual, enticing range of highly effective products.

Wonderful array of alluring natural aromas, luxurious textures that stimulate the mind as well as the senses.


Our products work with even the most sensitive skins to those with excessively oily skins.

We have carefully created each product to ensure superb ultimate quality, high performance, amazing formulas and textures and at the same time with a unisex appeal.

With INFO, aspirations become inspirations.

To find out more about using the products or starting a new chapter and becoming an INFO Specialist, get in touch today.

Our team would love to hear from you!