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Created by a professional British make-up artist; with a wealth of UK and International beauty experience, including running make up seminars, writing beauty articles, training and working as a TV and studio session make-up artist....

‘I love to work with colour and love the reaction colour has in our lives. Our face is like an artist blank canvas where colour and cosmetics are concerned.’ 

‘Inspired by the colours and tones around us and the knowledge that empowers us’

The range has been inspired by the artist in me and created to be an inspirational fun global brand’ 

Fashion and nature dictate the colours...

We create the shades 

Nature create the scents...

We create the experience 

Nature and the Brand

Exceptional quality products,

Skin care products coming back to nature

Precise formulas, beautiful textures and amazing pigments, enticing aromas,

Especially formulated to encompass both female as well as male skins from very sensitive to excessively oily skins,

Beautifully formulated to empower the individual,

Address the well being of the skin,

Natural skin aromas excite the senses and arouse the mind.

Products through Inspiration  

Inspired by accent of colours, natural hues and amazing textures,

Specially created products have a dual usage,

Cover, conceal and accentuate,

Exciting, Inspirational, fun and Innovative....

Colours and Aromas

The colours within the range have been influenced by the colours dictated within the fashion industry..

..And the immense array of natural hues that surround us.

Information to Empower

As a brand we have specially trained Consultants to help you...

So your choice of product is empowered by the knowledge you receive...

Let our Consultants help...

Excite you with an inspirational, powerful and innovative brand

Educate you with the information you need in the use of make up and correct skin care choice and application.

Each month there will be a product of the month which can be purchased at a special reduced price!

Create the look you need.